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Protect your data spread across head office, branch office or any remote location with SECURE TRACK backup and replication solution. Data availability is highly critical and data security is highly sensitive for any organization. We have expertise in designing and implementing comprehensive data availability and protection solution in association with major technology leaders as per industry best practices. Our high quality solution will help you to backup, replicate and do instant recovery on both physical and virtual environment including proactive monitoring and alerting.


Along with the advancement of data protection technology, there is also advancement in techniques of hacking the stored data. This makes it utterly important for companies to protect their confidential and other data by employing the best data protection services.

A good data protection service will ensure that you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of forgotten passwords or lost files.


Data protection software gives you continuous data protection. Unlike the traditional back up methods, it automatically updates the data every time it changes. This ensures that the saved data is up-to-date without any loss of data.


This is useful in case of data corruption. Data protection solution takes regular snapshots of data, which makes it easy for the system to roll back to an earlier time in the event of data corruption.

Data Protection Software offers you comprehensive protection for large amounts of data. It also provides true enterprise protection for mobile user data.

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