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If you’re just starting out and haven’t wired your new office yet, you can save more by using IP-PBX Telephony Solution with IP telephones. Since IP phones share your computer network, you don’t need two different networks. Less wire, less equipment, less complication and, of course, less expense And get features such as IVR or a company directory that connects employees stationed in different physical sites.

Seamless voice networks: Data networks connect offices, mobile workers, and telecommuters

Keep communications at your fingertips: Explore the inviting, simple-to-use, fully featured IP Phones

Take IP phones home with you and retain their work extension.

Feature-rich communications: Because voice, data, and video networks have combined, users can initiate phone calls that communicate with or invoke other applications from the voice or data network to add additional benefits to a VoIP call.

Enable mobility with embedded mobility software capabilities to keep workers productive wherever they are, with any content type, on any device.

Extend video capabilities to your employees through a single, unified communications infrastructure from the desktop to video conferencing rooms.

Build productivity with comprehensive unified communications to help workers communicate and work more effectively. forward calls to multiple devices before forwarding to voicemail.

Improve collaboration -simply click to initiate a phone call, begin an IM session, or easily start a video-conferencing call.

Softphones - For remote workers, VoIP can be used with softphones which enable you to make and receive calls with your VoIP number on your mobile device or laptop.

Scalability from 20 to 40,000 users, extensible to 80,000 users for inter-office and intra-office communication.

VoIP greatly reduces the cost of phone calls in almost every case, thanks to its use of the Internet for transmission instead of requiring dedicated PSTN phone lines. This enables a flat rate for domestic calls, and reduced cost for international calls. VoIP delivers a number of features that are either pricey add-ons or not available at all with traditional phone service. These include call-hunting, where a call will try several different phone numbers until it reaches th,,brbre intended party, and interactive voice response (IVR), which essentially delivers a virtual receptionist etc.
VoIP also enables true mobility, an increasingly important feature in a work environment where employees are on the go and working from home in many cases. VoIP calls can be taken from a smartphone, a computer, or a desk phone in a home or an office—or all of the above.

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