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PC-on-Cloud or Desktop as Service is a service where you can provision virtual desktops to your end-users. The end-users can access documents, applications and resources which they need with the device of their choice like laptops, iPad, Kindle Fire or Android Tablets. Through PC-on-Cloud service, you can provide high quality cloud desktop experience to as many users as you want at a cost that is highly competitive to traditional desktops.

PC-on-Cloud service provides you safety & security along with high quality desktop experience. The files and documents stored in the cloud are secured using the same policies that control the desktops in your corporate environment.

PC-on-Cloud can be accessed from multiple devices such as laptop, iPad, Kindle Fire, or Android Tablet, making it user-friendly.

It enables you to select and match the end-user desktop software as per their requirements. You can choose from bundles having different amounts of CPU, memory and storage to suit the distinct requirements of your end-users.

It is hugely useful if you have remote users; as it enables these users to access your applications which they might need without storing your data in their local folders. This way you can keep your corporate data secure.

These virtual desktops are easy to manage as it eliminates the need for upfront investment and the complexity of managing a physical or virtual desktop.

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