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Virtual Private Cloud

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Virtual Private Cloud or VPC is a private network within a public cloud infrastructure. It offers the benefits of public cloud in a private set up. Public clouds provide the benefits of flexibility, scalability and reduced IT costs. Adding a private network in the public cloud environment provides security to the data stored in the public cloud. This model is suitable for organization which are cost conscious and data sensitive at same time. Both objective can be achieved at same time through VPC solution.

Virtual Private Cloud provides security of traffic to and from the cloud infrastructure. The cloud administrators are able to keep a check on the users that are allowed to access the cloud in this type of cloud infrastructure.

Scalability is a feature which is available in a Virtual Private Cloud. Resources can be added on demand and users can be scaled up or down as per the requirement.

As there is scalability which means resources can be added or reduced as per need, the performance is better in this type of computing environment.

There is greater control in virtual private cloud infrastructure. The data stored in the public cloud is secure and monitoring of incoming & outgoing traffic is also possible.

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