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Is the security of homes, offices, and stores turning into a nightmare?
Are thefts becoming too common when property is left unattended?
SECURETRACK brings you simple-to-use and sophisticated intruder alarm systems to keep your homes, offices, and stores safe. Being the leading service provider, we have come a long way in providing our customers with the most recent technology in burglar alarm systems for the security of both commercial and residential sites.

SECURETRACK is a supplier of Grade 2 & 3 burglar alarm systems in Dubai and around the UAE, for commercial and residential properties, we deal with brands like Satel and Honeywell. Grade 2 systems can be used for residential properties like apartments and villas and commercial properties that do not keep or store any valuables like gold or huge amounts of money. The Grade 3 system is used at banks, jewellery shops, money exchanges, warehouses, and any outlets that deals in high-priced goods. Dubai Police have made it mandatory to use a Grade 3 alarm system in retail outlets. Being the leading burglar alarm service provider in Dubai, we bring you the best Grade 2 and Grade 3 alarm systems.

Reasons Why You Need An Intruder Alarm System

One of the most fundamental and significant elements of a secured home or office premise is an intruder alarm system, as the majority of them are concerned about intruders. Intruder alarm systems are intended to detect any unauthorised entry into the premises without permission and notify the owner.

There are different types of security systems that are tailored to meet your needs and budget. Some of the key characteristics of commercial burglar alarm system include the capacity to detect intruders through sound, heat, motion, vibration, or other techniques. In addition to detection, it also instantly alerts owners or other people with authority in that area through a siren, flashing lights, or other measures of warning. And, these alarm systems are activated by sensors that detect motion or glass breaking on the premises.

Intruder and burglar alarm systems are regarded as fundamental for security, with an increase in incidents of illegal and offensive acts like vandalism and theft. Due to the complexity and exclusivity of high-end applications, these systems were expensive earlier. However, nowadays, due to technological advancements and lowered costs, its use is expanding in home as well as business settings. Burglar alarm service in Dubai, makes all locations more secure and efficient by providing an integrated solution that includes burglar sensors and IP cameras.

Why Choose SECURETRACK For Intruder Alarm System Installation And Service Requirements?

We take the security of your homes, offices, and stores to the next level with our dependable burglar alarm services, and we make sure that it satisfies all of your security needs. Our highly skilled technicians have hands-on experience and extensive knowledge of integrating commercial burglar alarm systems tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes. SECURETRACK  has a wide range of security systems to meet the needs of every type of consumer. Our security professional offers every service related to security and surveillance, from consultation to installation and maintenance. Commercial burglar alarm system solutions are adaptable to your requirements and compatible with smoke detectors, intruder alarms, security cameras, automation systems, and other security equipment. We integrate all forms of security systems to prevent theft and make your place safe. 

We can assist by serving as the ideal partners for you to secure your home, office, and store through our reliable burglar alarm system solutions. Contact SECURETRACK for your intruder alarm system installation requirements in Dubai. Our company offers the most affordable intruder alarm system solutions throughout the UAE.


How does a burglar alarm system work?

The entire working of a burglar alarm system is done through computers and machines, relieving humans of security-related tasks.  To protect the property from intruders, the burglar alarm system goes through three processes, and they are  detection, verification, and notification.

What are the different types of intruder alarm systems?

An intruder alarm system is mainly of three types, they are wired, wireless, and hybrid. In a wired system, electrical systems and other components are connected through wires, whereas in a wireless system, different forms of radio technology are used to connect. A hybrid system is a combination of wired and wireless equipment used for connection. 

What role do sensors play in an intruder alarm system?

Sensors play a significant role in an intruder alarm system, as they detect any unauthorised entry/ intrusion. There are different types of sensors, like infrared, ultrasonic, tomographic, glass break, door and window sensors, etc., and each of them plays different roles in different settings and environments.

What applications does a burglar alarm system have?

Burglar alarm systems are employed in a variety of settings, including residential, commercial, and industrial. They make all locations more secure and efficient by providing an integrated solution that includes burglar sensors and IP cameras.

How frequently should maintenance be done?

To keep the system running smoothly and up to date, it should be monitored once or twice a year. With its predictive and periodic device maintenance checks, a burglar alarm system keeps the system up to date and prevents device downtime.

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