End-To-End IP Telephony Solutions For Enterprises In Dubai

The communication needs of an enterprise are diverse and are evolving constantly. Thus, it is necessary to have a unified communications system to keep up with ever-changing technology in the modern world that brings together various forms of communication in an enterprise for easy collaboration and staying connected. Addressing the need of the hour, SECURETRACK IT Solutions provides you with robust and flexible IP telephony solutions for all scales of businesses in Dubai.

Traditionally, the communication system used in an enterprise was analog phones, but now voice over IP (VOIP) phones are widely used. And there is a dramatic change in the communication system of an enterprise with IP telephony. So, the question that comes to anyone’s mind is what makes an IP telephone system different from a traditional analog communication system. IP telephony is a communication system used for sending and receiving different forms of data and information by utilizing an internet connection.

Be it anywhere in the world, stay connected with employees and customers with robust virtual IP telephony solutions. IP telephony and a unified communication solution can bring together various methods of communication in an enterprise through a data network cost-effectively making it easy for employees to collaborate. Since IP telephony offers flexibility in maintenance, configuration, and monitoring, it is a highly recommended communication system in an enterprise.

We offer IP telephony solutions that enhance communication within an organization in order to meet the communication needs of Dubai’s expanding businesses. We bring to you yet another revolutionary and functional system tailored to your business needs that empowers effective communication among the employees and promotes a stronger sense of teamwork.

The key reasons why you need an IP Telephony System in an organization

Are you tired of using outdated systems for communicating within your organization? Then it’s time to upgrade to cutting-edge VOIP technology. Our cloud-based IP telephony solutions are the most efficient way to enhance communication, connect various channels of communication, and interact with anybody on a single platform in an organization.

For any business to operate in a globalized market, it is necessary to have technologies that facilitate communication that are reliable and cost-effective. And one of the reasons why IP telephony is the new age of communication over traditional analog phone systems is because of its potential to interchange data and information in a globalized market. The Internet Protocol (IP) telephony system is cost-effective, flexible, and has control over multi-locations. Irrespective of the geographical location, IP telephony allows you to bring all your employees, including overseas workers and remote workers. IP telephony has revolutionized the way information is exchanged within organizations, be it locally or over long distances, and paved the way for crystal-clear communication over an open network with greater efficiency.

Why choose SECURETRACK for IP Telephony and Unified Communications needs?

With our cutting-edge IP telephony solutions, we take communication within and outside the organization to the next level and ensure that it is scalable and supports all communication needs. Our highly skilled technicians have hands-on experience and extensive knowledge of integrating IP telephony systems tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes. We converge all communication systems like telephones, computers, and other media into an integrated communication system, also known as unified communications, for smoother transmission of information data.

We can assist by serving as the ideal partner for you to modernize the network infrastructure for the future of your company and by giving you access to dependable and durable IP telephony solutions. Contact SECURETRACK for your IP telephony and unified communications requirements in Dubai. Our company offers the most affordable IP telephony solutions throughout the UAE.


What are the IP telephony solutions services offered by SECURETRACK??

We offer IP telephony solutions for all sizes of businesses, ranging from contact center solutions to wireless phone systems. Our service includes PBX system installation and configuration, hardware supply, deployment and relocation of telephone systems, and on call IP phone support.

Do you provide advanced features for IP telephony solutions?

Yes, our IP telephony solutions comprise advanced features like conference calling (video and audio), business text messaging, instant messaging, integrations, call routing, and reporting and analytics management.

What type of IP telephony solutions do a business enterprise need?

Business enterprises need different types of IP telephony systems based on their requirement. We offer a wide range of hybrid, on-premises and cloud-based IP telephony solutions from leading manufacturers in the industry.

What function does a PABX system serve in an IP phone system?

A PABX system serves as a bridge between established circuit-switched key systems (PABX) and cutting-edge IP-based options that can be tailored to fit the needs of businesses with a single branch, multiple branches, or call centers.

Will IP telephony systems cut-down overseas communication costs for an organization?

Yes, IP telephony will cut down on overseas communication costs for an organization. With IP telephony, the cost of multiple location global conference calls is much lower, thus providing flexibility and opportunities for wider communication more cost-effectively.

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