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Nowadays, Managed IT Services have increasingly become popular as a model of IT support for smooth operations in business organisations. As a Managed IT Services provider, SECURETRACK understands the importance of delivering quick services 24/7 to meet the demands of our clients. Look no further than SECURETRACK if you’re seeking a reliable third-party service provider to handle your IT Support and Solution needs. With our experienced Technical Support Team, cutting-edge technology, and powerful IT tools, SECURETRACK has set high standards in managed IT services, delivering timely support for business organisations in Dubai, UAE. Being the leading IT service provider in the UAE, and we have collaborated with major technology vendors to deliver cutting-edge technology solutions across a wide range of industry verticals. We provide managed IT services in the areas of network and security, voice and telephony, data backup and recovery, and Microsoft licensing, among others.

Team Strategy

Business organisations need managed IT service providers to ease network monitoring and handle updation and maintenance chores, enabling managers to focus on core operations instead of worrying about IT functionality of the company. SECURETRACK as potential service providers assess current and future IT requirements and help you implement them. A contract must be signed between the organisation and the service providers outlining KPI’s and various services, including disaster recovery strategies and future expansion plans.


SECURETRACK provides you with a comprehensive range of managed IT services at reasonable prices, and you can choose the best package that fits the needs of your organisation. In today’s world of partnership-led business models, choosing the right managed IT service provider is necessary for streamlining and modernising core IT operations within the organisation. A cost-effective service opens your firm up to profitable technologies, increasing revenue. In managed IT services, pricing is quite significant. We have managed IT services at a cost that is appropriate for your organisation, ranging from basic to premium.

24/7 Assistance

Being an organisation, there will be many issues to be resolved in the network system; hence, it is necessary to have 24/7 assistance as a lifeline. SECURETRACK is here to help, offering flexi-time assistance at your request.

Experience In The Industry

The IT service requirements of business organisations differ based on the type of business they handle. Thus, it is necessary to ensure the service provider you choose has worked with the industry you serve and understands all complexities in your network system. At SECURETRACK, we have a team of experts who work in the industry and have a proactive approach towards meeting your organisation’s IT service demands that cater to your needs.

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