Time Attendance And Door Access Control Systems

SECURETRACK is a leading supplier of Door Access Control in Dubai. Understanding your security needs, we design and install Door Access Control on demand. With our Door access Control Systems installed, you are able to track how employees and visitors access your premises. Our custom Door Acces Control will meet your complete need to monitor movements. We bring to you the best-in-class and custom Door Acces Control that will meet your complete need to monitor movements and control to your premise.

Control the flow of movement in and out of your premises for enhanced security. You have landed on a page to learn more about Door Access Control in Dubai.

Why a Door Access Control System?
Security is of paramount importance for the entire premises of your organization. There is nothing like unlimited access to a place you consider private. Technologies evolve in this fast-paced world, and we no longer have manned access control. Today, Automated Door Access Control is the key determinant of the security of your home or workspace. Only authorized individuals can walk in and out of your premises with the cutting-edge system in place. The restriction comes with many advantages. No wonder why Door Access Control is increasingly preferred today.

Of a host of good Door Access Control can do, a few are listed below.

Shield your premises with the smart electronic Door Access Control System from SECURETRACK.

The Door Access Control System is made up of various parts.


Authenticated access is the key feature of the system. The server stores the credentials already given to individuals.


This is how individuals come into contact with the security system. Through credentials, data relating to the flow of traffic is captured. PIN codes, fingerprints, and even smartphones can serve as credentials.


A reader is a channel to go through by registering entry or exit. It recognizes credentials and allows traffic to and fro.

Control panel

The reader scans credentials, and that goes to the control panel, where the credentials are verified and the server gives a signal to the door lock to allow access.

Time And Attendance Systems

If you are looking for Time & Attendance Systems in Dubai, you have come to the right place at the right time.

Punctuality is a portent of a good start. The time employees arrive to commence work must be on record as well. Time & attendance systems will do the job routinely. It does not have to be a manually-handled task. A more productive workplace is the result.

Forming an integral part of the door access control system, Time and Attendance Systems can complement security features while keeping a tab on the presence and absence of the workforce.

SECURETRACK is your first Go-to place for Time Attendance Machine in Dubai.

Access with cards

A card is issued to each employee. The card bears a code that matches the employee’s details. Access is easy by placing the card on the biometric machine. The device lets the employee in soon.

Biometric Access Control

By recognizing a fingerprint, retina, or even voice, access can be provided. When an employee thumps his fingerprint on the biometric machine, the machine recognizes the employee and allows access. At a distance, the retinal scan can be another mode of access.

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