Convert your house into a digitally smart home with SECURETRACK

Convert your home into a digitally smart home with SECURETRACK
Turn on the lights, turn off the lights. Have you been doing all these manually? Sometimes you forget to do all these when you leave your home? No more worries, switch on & switch off is easier. Convert your home to a digitally smart home with SECURETRACK. Our home automation technology is engineered to transform your home into a smart home by controlling various aspects such as lighting, ambiance, security, entertainment and many more. Our professional and comprehensive solutions are designed to fully automate your home in remote control mode being anywhere around the globe. We provide versatile solutions for automation integrating diverse systems for seamless control on mobile devices.

One of the key highlights of home automation solutions we provide is an intelligent lighting system, with this turning on and off of lights can be scheduled and managed hands-free with smart assistance. Smart lighting sensors also play a key role as they initiate tasks such as locking and unlocking windows & doors, garage closing, home appliances shutdown etc. When you enter and leave home remotely on your device leading to energy consumption optimization.

Monitoring and controlling is much easier with home automation as their point of control is on a single device. With the solutions we provide you have remote access whenever you need for setting timer, motion detection, turning off and on lights with dimmers etc conveniently safe and efficiently. Depending on the occupancy, home temperature adjustment can also be done with the solutions we provide. Apart from that these are vital in the safety of your home by detecting and responding to unusual activities in and around your home. You have access to lock your home from anywhere with our custom home automation solutions. Discover our range of full suite state-of-art home automation solutions to make home control easy for you. Get better security for your home with smart solutions from SECURETRACK.

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