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Keep track of your visitors with a People Counting System

Be it retail stores or office space many people come in and out, making it difficult to keep track of visitors. In any business accuracy of footfall data is very crucial in accelerating sales revenue and improving customer experience.  For that, a people counting system and Footfall tracking system is the best solution for accurate analysis of footfall data and making critical decisions for enterprises. Earlier, this procedure was done manually, but today it’s at your fingertips, with the availability of digital platforms and modern technologies such as sensors and cameras. At SECURETRACK, we are committed to provide top-notch and reliable People Counting System Dubai. Our people counting and heat mapping solutions help in tracking the movement of visitors accurately with the use of video cameras, different types of sensors such as thermal sensors, Bluetooth sensors, wifi, etc. and analytics software.

In today’s world, the people counting system plays a crucial role in business enterprise, as it enables maximising return on investment and optimising operations, by measuring and keeping track of visitors’ actions or movement within your premises and giving you valuable insights by giving access to real-time information. We have an array of hi-tech Footfall Counting Solutions formed by combining different bases such as retail analytics, security applications, queue management, building management, etc.

With a Footfall Counter Devices, you have access to the volume of customers in the stores or malls, but you don’t have accurate information about footfall data of customer routes, for that retail businesses need a heat mapping system. Heat maps are a source of getting accurate information about customer traffic in different areas with right and in-time data. This system is very helpful for retail task optimization and making precise decisions about various activities in the store. With a heat mapping tool, density rates of customer movement are converted quickly into visuals and making it easy to review them visually on software that can be accessed from anywhere. These visuals can be used as indicators to manage and organise in a better way to understand the customers’ areas of interest. Heat maps play a crucial role in acting as a guide for decision-making.

What are the perks of having people counting & heat mapping systems in an organisation?

In organisations like retail stores, shopping centres, malls, etc cutting-edge Footfall Counter Devices are needed to understand the customer flow with detailed analytics. Getting occupational insights such as accurate footfall information, conversion rate analysis, marketing efficiency tracking and staff optimization is easy with the help of this system. Using these insights, sales strategies can be enhanced by monitoring the count of real-time visitors, customers movement patterns and customer tracking. Apart from these, implementation of this system helps organisations to Improve resource allocation, enhanced customer experience, optimised space utilisation, safety and security, performance measurement and data-driven decision making. They also play a crucial role in driving sales through operational cost cutting resulting in improving customer experience by reducing stress on staff.

Why choose SECURETRACK for heat mapping and People counting systems in Dubai?

Our cutting-edge people counting and heat mapping solutions are optimised to ensure that they meet your custom requirements. Be it organisation of any scale, with the help of our highly-skilled and experienced staff, we do professional installation service tailoring your needs. SECURETRACK can be your trusted partner, for reliable and robust People counting and heat mapping solutions in Dubai. Contact SECURETRACK for your Footfall Tracking System requirements in Dubai. We offer the service across the UAE at the best price in the market.


Why do you need a people counting system in your organisation?

In an organisation a people counting system is needed to streamline operations and boost customer engagement by measuring the number of walk-ins in the store, their movement pattern and behavior by accessing real-time data.

What is a standard people-counting system?

A standard people counting system comprises both hardware and software tools for measuring accurate footfall data, enabling businesses to make decisions based on the data insights. Based on the requirement of the client different types of people counting systems are provided.

How many types of people counting systems are available in the market?

For enterprises, it is important to choose from robust solutions that fit your tailored business needs and goals. With the availability of advanced technologies, Footfall Counter Devices are of different types such as Infrared Beam Counters (IR People Counters), Thermal Counting Sensors and Video-Based Overhead Sensors.

Where can a people-counting system be mounted?

While mounting these systems ceiling heights are an important variable that needs to be considered. On the basis of height, they are categorised into two, they are Horizontal Wired/Wireless Counting Systems and Overhead Traffic Counting Systems.

What are the use cases of a people counting system?

People counting systems are used to monitor traffic flow, strategy deployment, marketing feedback and staffing decisions.

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