Gate Barriers System, Speed Gates & Turnstiles

Monitoring the access to your premises is important. Gates and barriers play an important part in allowing access to your premise. Automatic gates and barriers ensure that only authorized visitors are entering the premises. Apart from being an ideal solution for controlling vehicle transit, gate barriers also play a defining role in marking your territory and its clear boundary.

Speed gates and Tripod Turnstiles
Catering to the needs of monitoring and controlling purpose in various scenario speed gates and tripod turnstiles has become a necessity in present scenario. With the help of technology a diversified product categories has been developed for security purpose. SECURETRACK offers a wide range of products, installation and maintenance services. Our range of product categories offer a flexible combination of entrance solutions and access control technologies.

SECURETRACK ’s comprehensive security system includes various services ranging from IP Network communication systems to valid passing duration. The gate barrier service we provide includes options for opening and closing, free accessing and forbidden mode. We also offer bidirectional lanes for entry and exit, Remote control and management, LED indicators showing entry, exit and passing status. For enhancing security, the speed gate services we provide are flexible and customizable accordingly in different scenarios.

Product Categories

Swing Barriers

We provide smart swing barrier security systems integrated with access control systems comprising of multiple authentication methods.

Flap Barriers

We provide Smart and aesthetic flap barriers designed for intelligent passage management for secure and controlled access.

Tripod Turnstile

We offer reliable and secure tripod turnstile gates providing superior access control for denying unauthorized entry to the place.

Full Height Turnstile

We also offer upgraded version of turnstile offering advanced security system in more strict control areas.

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