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In this age of communication, speed matters, so it is necessary to have the best network infrastructure. And “structured cabling” is a buzzword that is thrown around very often. But are you aware of what it is all about? It is the backbone of networking. Without well-designed data cabling, seamless networking and communication are impossible. SECURETRACK is one of the top-rated structured cabling companies in Dubai, offering outstanding and reliable data cabling solutions for various industries.

Fluke Test
With our structured cabling installation service, quality assessment of the network cables is also done by a fluke test. This test is performed to ensure that the network cabling is capable of supporting the IT infrastructure and meet performance requirements of the organization. As cabling structure is the backbone of any IT infrastructure, fluke test is necessary. With this test various factors such as connectivity, length measurement, signal quality can be analyzed. Fluke tests can also help in troubleshooting any issues with accuracy and speed to keep your network running hassle free. SECURETRACK provides all ranges of fluke testing for your organization’s network such as IT infrastructure, LAN & WAN network, IT point testing, optical fiber, CAT 5 & CAT 6 testing, fluke reporting and network troubleshooting.

Why Do You Need A Structured Cable System For Your Business Operations?

For every business, connectivity is the core of operations. Hence, business data and communications system management can be more efficient with well-planned, designed, and installed cable structures. For the day-to-day functioning of a growing business, it is necessary to have a reliable and future-proof cabling infrastructure.

Managing large amounts of data can be more complex if your communication system is not organized. The right cable system can support a multitude of media, including voice and data communications equipment, for simplifying data management processes in an organization.

Detection and troubleshooting of network issues can be very challenging with a disorganized cable system. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a reliable and high-performing cable infrastructure as a quick solution to resolve issues easily without confusion.

Maximize your networking and data transfering efficiency with our properly designed, structured cabling. As the best structured cabling installation service provider in Dubai, you can always rely on us for your cabling needs. We use top-quality materials that meet industry standards to deliver predictable performance and make your technology investments worthwhile.

Why Choose Securetrack For Your Structured Cabling Needs?

With our cutting-edge service, we take networking to the next level and ensure that it is scalable and supports all of your IT needs. Our highly skilled technicians have hands-on experience and extensive knowledge in structured cabling installation for all scales of businesses, which includes corporate expansion and relocation as well.

Be it any form of architecture or business, we design and offer unique datacenter cabling systems optimized and tailored to your requirements. We offer a comprehensive range of structured cabling installation services, inclusive of UTP and fiber cabling systems, for specialized data centers, housing complexes, industrial complexes, commercial complexes, and retail outlets. 

We can help by being the right partners for you to upgrade the network infrastructure for the future of your business and provide you with robust and reliable structured cabling solutions. Contact SECURETRACK for your data cabling requirements in Dubai. We offer structured cabling across the UAE at the best price.


Will structured cabling help my business to run more efficiently?

Yes, structured cabling can help businesses run efficiently through a robust networking system that supports all IT requirements in an organization, including voice and data communication tools.

For what purposes do you need cabling in an organization?

You need cabling in an organization for various functions, such as reliable broadband connections, VOIP phone systems, facilitating new technology, and the installation of CCTV surveillance systems.

What makes structured cabling different from point-to-point cabling?

For so many years, structured cabling has been the best industry practice rather than point-to-point cabling because it is more organized, easy to maintain, scalable, and less vulnerable to human threats.

What are the different types of cables used in structured cabling?

Structured cabling comprises of wide varieties of cables that serve different functions in an IT infrastructure. There are basically three types of cables used, they are – unshielded twisted pair cables, shielded foil twisted pair cables, and fiber optic cables.

Are there sub-systems for structured cabling?

Yes , there are six sub-systems in structured cabling and they are Work Area (WA),Backbone Cabling, Entrance Facilities (EF), ,Telecommunications Enclosure (TE) & Telecommunications) Room (TR , Horizontal Cabling and Equipment Room (ER). Each of them serves different functions.

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