CCTV Camera Installation Dubai, UAE

SECURETRACK is one of the leading providers of SIRA and ADMCC approved security solutions in Dubai and across UAE. Our product and service portfolio is broad enough to offer you the complete security solutions you need. Our team of certified technicians, led by engineers with years of expertise, delivers quality services to our clients. We serve leading retail outlets, banks, money exchanges, jewellery stores, industries, warehouses, and commercial and residential buildings.


Your First Thought For CCTV Installation Anywhere In Dubai

Your search for the most trusted and reliable CCTV solution provider in Dubai, UAE ends here. After doing CCTV installation in Dubai responsibly for years, we have so far created a long list of happy clients. You can be one of them, calling for our quality services. We meet every specification given by you while designing a smart layout and get down to the work of implementation. Our professional client service allows you to feel relaxed, as we are there to support you throughout.

We install, carry out maintenance, and offer services relating to CCTV in Dubai.

If it is CCTV installations anywhere in Dubai, UAE, your first priority is to locate the best company.

SECURETRACK have been offering IT solutions and security systems for years, and we design, and install CCTV systems for both domestic and commercial purposes. You are able to order a custom plan for sustained surveillance solutions, and we will be there soon. And you will continue to secure our support even after installation.

The following will explain the valid reasons to choose SECURETRACK – the best CCTV installation company in Dubai.

Questions that pop up in your mind when you think of CCTV in Dubai

CCTV Camera

The third eye will secure you.
Are you looking for CCTV camera installations in Dubai?
We help you pick the right brand that meet your requirements.

Cameras come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Upon a detailed check, we will recommend what type of CCTV camera system you must have in place. You might choose dome cameras, bullet cameras, or others.

Once you have a 24-hour monitoring station, you will be able to fully utilise the CCTV cameras you install. Given our advantage in providing security systems for large-scale facilities, we are able to give you the right recommendations.

Network infrastructure

Cabling is another area of our core expertise. Upon determining your surveillance system, we are able to define the size and strength of the cabling. Large-scale facilities require a careful cabling plan and execution for a seamless connection.

Video recorder

The greatest advantage of CCTV is its live recording. Video recorders serve as great evidence and it is the core of enhanced alertness. We always recommend the most reliable recorder for our clients. Whether it is a digital video recorder or a network video recorder, we make sure you get what is right.

Secure storage

Retrieve camera captured data from robust and secure storage. Here in the surveillance system we provide, hard disks serve as the source of data retrieval.

For Residence

For Residence

We fix and help you maintain CCTV for your residence in any location in Dubai, UAE. Connect with us to learn more.
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For Business

For Business

You need an unfailing CCTV system on your premises for deterring crime, monitoring the movement of people, and collecting evidence. We supply and install CCTV systems to help you meet your criteria for security in your business. Connect with us for more details.
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